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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 8, 2012 1:15am-1:50am PDT

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>> but chevron had a few supporters too. >> what about the good stuff how your kids go to school and get the opportunities they do. they give us money. but let me tell you this, without chevron in richmond, we would be just like vallejo. >> the bay area air quality management district says monitors showed no unhealthy levels of pollution, but they would be checking filters to see what particles have been trapped. the results of those wo tests won't be done for several days. in richmond, john alston, abc7 news. >> thank you. and following up on that, despite the big black plumes of smoke, the bay area air quality management district says the fire created virtually no bay area pollution. according to analysis, levels were below severa several health standards even for children and the elderly. ethanol and acetone were detected, but at levels found around the refinery.
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despite what air quality officials found, people went to the local hospital seeking medical treatment, most for respiratory problems. >> i still don't have my balance correct. i still have burning in my throat. >> air quality officials say weather conditions were favorable during this incident allowing the smoke to rise and dispurse. now, if you want to rereport air report for yourself we have it posted on our website. click on and see it on tv. abc7 news obtained copies of some of the 9-1-1 calls made after the refinery fire erupted. there was a bit of confusion by neighbors. >> are we supposed to stay indoors? >> i'm sorry, you said the alarms are going on? >> yes. >> in that case it would be best to do so, sir, but we already have the fire department on the way. we don't have anything further at this point. >> a short time later they did issue a shelter in place for richmond, north richmond and
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san pablo. police in oakland advised residents to stay inside because of the thick, dark smoke choking the sky. >> exactly what was the chain of events that lead to the chevron fire? as dan noyes learned today, what started out as a few drips and drops turned into a full scale catastrophe. >> engine 62, engine 64, engine 66. >> the first calls came to the richmond police department. contra costa county fire and the sheriff's department at 6:35 last night. from the beginning there was that mistaking the serious -- seriousness of the situation. >> chp we have people stoping on 580 on the shoulder to watch the fire. >> along with the first responders, the fire and ambulance crews, epa agents and hazardous materials staff rushed to the scene. >> when people saw a lot of black smoke, that is a lot of particulates in the smoke. if you breathe that in it can lodge in your lungs and get into your throat. >> the question tonight is did
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chevron workers act quickly enough to fix what at first appeared to be a minor leak of diesel fuel? >> they say it was like 20 drips a minute. it was very small. we are getting the team together to determine how they could block off to repair the line. >> the workers discovered the leak after 4:15 in the afternoon. it took them more than two hours to evaluate the problem and advise a plan to fix it. at 6:30 they tear off the pipe's insulation and pour cooling water on it. the pipe fails. the workers evacuate and unit four goes up in flames. at a news conference, the head of emergency services defended workers taking two hours to address the leak. >> we are evaluating that actual leak. we ever looking to see what is causing it, where it is, how oselooking at those. options. it is during that t3o-hour period while we are evo that leak to determine what exactly it is what we need to
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do it got worse. >> two hours was a very spok time frame. >> i spoke to an oil industry consultant in houston who explains that shutting down the line in a refinery is not as easy as turning off a faucet. >> running thousands of gallons of product through this line over the course of a day, and you can't stop it suddenly without having a potentially severe impact of strength. >> this is the third serious fire at the chevron refinery in the past 13 years. the failure of a pipe improperly uh of tayed caused this blaze in january of 2007. one refinery worker suffered burps. and in march of 1999, a leaky pipe created created a vapor cloud that burned. 400 went to hospital during that incident. cal-osha and contra costa health officials are now investigating. one question they have to address is did the process of pouring the cooling water on
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pture?t pipe cause it to if you have a tip about what happened to chevron, e-mail me through the i team page at or call 1-888-40i team. for the i team, dan noyes, abc7 news. >> the impact on gas production would mean higher prices at the pump. the richmond refinery has a percentage of the daily gas consumption. in a week or so gas prices will rise above $4 and climb even higher at stations already at that mark. the price set before gas is delivered to stations already increased today by $.36 cents a gallon. able lists say it is the largest one-day increase on record. continuing coverage of the chevron refinery fire. we will have the latest information on our website, as well as on twitter ok. >> up next, national night out. why they are growing more anxious about their
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neighborhood. >> and nancy pelosi and 25 years in washington. >> and after months of delays casino matrix opens. what we saw in the soft opening. and then later on "nightline." >> carolyn and larry, coming up next, inside a race against time. we are on the scene in africa as a special team works to contain an outbreak of one of the most deadly viruses on earth. and madonna tells us her xññ!ñkñcúsn lady gaga and
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richmond police identified a second suspect in the fatal shooting of a high school football player. she 27-year-old matthew john
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capanis who police say should be considered armed and dangerous. he was let out of prison last year and laws releasing low-level inmates. he was convicted of a domestic violence charge. he is wanted in connection with sunday night's shooting of 16-year-old uh -- ulysses. he was shot while walking on west mcdonald avenue. they say it may have been gang-related. the other suspect is jacob stevens from antioch. he was arrested on a parole violation while leaving the scene. national night out is designed to bring them together. but with the growing crime in neighborhoods, they say this event is more important than ever. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian joins us live from the police department with the story. lisa? >> carolyn, you know every one of san jose's 10 districts held national night out events tonight. it is a chance for communities and the police department to rebuild ties.
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it is national night out across the country. it is a time when communities come together to eat, meet and strengthen their neighborhood. in san jose it is more important than ever. >> it is huge. the reason is we don't have the police. >> san jose's police department is short staffed. ther 1,000 1,000 officers to protect a at the of 1 million. but the department prioritizes violent crimes, burglaries and property crimes as seen in these surveillance videos have not. >> you see something wrong and we want you to report it. the refrain we get is you are not going to come anyway so why will we call. our answer is we may take the information, and it may not be helpful tonight or tomorrow, but it could help the next day. >> they reported several hundred boring lar res -- burglaries burglaries in the first six months of the year. it is a jump from the first half of last year. some blame offenders released
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in the community due to jail overcrowding. either way residents are worried. >> it does concern all of us as neighbors, and as homeowners. jay we try to compensate by -- >> we try to compensate by bringing our neighbors together and have them protect each other. >> and last year more than 100 neighborhoods took part in national night out events. this year the police department hopes more are taking part. live in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> thank you. there was a big scare at the oakland raiders training camp. mike good son was carried off the field in a stretch better a neck injury. just yesterday he was talking on about how much he enjoyed his first pre-season with the raiders. god son who was seen at practice last week reportedly caught a pass and turned up field and received a punishing hit. a raiders spokesperson says they were not sure how bad the injury was.
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that lasted several hours. then they did a ct scan and it came back negative. tonight good son is back at the team's hotel. the raiders did not say when the back up running back could return to practice. the california historical saw say tee honored nancy pelosi at the district headquarters. she was presented with the legends of california award for her ground breaking career on capitol hill. cheryl jennings served as the mc. pelosi was the first woman elected speaker of the house. >> none of what we could have accomplished would not have happened without the imagination, without the intellect and without the integrity, without the innovative spirit of california, and that is what we all bring back to washington, d.c. >> the historical society lead the california league of women voters for the ground breaking work it did in paving the way for congressman pelosi to make history. it is time to check forecast now, and it is about
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to get really hot. >> it is. sandhya patel is here with that. >> you will be sweating in the coming days especially if you are inland. hass check out live doppler most of the fog has been off the coastline up and down. we are starting to see patchy fog developing around the golden gate bridge. it is shallow, 800 feet deep. watch out first thing in the morning. it could be low on the ground as you head out for your morning commute. 50s, 60s, antioch with some warm weather and 76 degrees.t tt warm to hot the next five ernooler pattern setting up early next week. shear a look at the heat and the hot weather has been over the south central united states. it is coming over our way and they will be topping a hundred degrees inland thursday through saturday. it is not just here in the bay area, but we are talking about a statewide heat event. it is 105 to 110 degrees.
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if you are traveling there are warnings and advisories i need to pass on to you. excessive heat watch to southern california, and an excessive heat warning for southeastern california. this also extends out toward nevada and arizona. if you are traveling like i said , meaning a pro longed period of hot weather, some of these watches and warnings going well into the weekend. heat-related illnesses are possible. please be careful if you are getting out of town. we do have a comfortable pacifica tomorroin pacifica tow afternoon. this is our summer spread. 76 in oakland. head out toward the brentwood area and it is triple digit heat, 100 degrees. we call this our summer spread. it is the summertime microclimate. there is always a place for everyone in the bay area. temperatures first thing in the morning in the 50s and 60s. it is quite mild to start off. we will see a shallow layer of fog right near the cost. it is not going far. watch out for the fog. it could be low on the grounds.
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south bay temperatures, 86 cupertino and a warm day in san jose, 85 degrees. numbers coming up 82 palo alto and 77 in san mateo. coastal areas like half moon bay, 66 degrees. downtown san francisco, 71. sunny in the sunset district. 66 degrees. get you to the north bay and it will get warm. calistoga 82. 99 in ukiah. heading out toward the east bay, mid70s berkeley, oaknd la, 78 in hayward. her couldhercules 84 degrees. brentwood 100, 95 in concord. walnut creek, livermore 97 degrees, and around the monterey bay. it is beach weather. 81 in santa cruz. 95 in morgan hill. if you are head together a's game at the coliseum, they are hosting the angels at 12:35. 70 degrees as the game starts. a mild 75 at 3:00. really beautiful weather. short sleeve weather the next several days.
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getting you into the triple digits thursday through saturday. upper 60s to low 70s coast side. we'll call it beach weather. comfortable there. cooling starts on sunday, carolyn and larry, and you won't feel it until early next week. >> hot. thank you, sandhya. up next, how strawberries or compounding strawberries may one day be able to protect you from sunburn. >> and we have people we want to thank for participating in the dream campaign. you can make a difference as well -- as well. just like abc7 news. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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have finally paid off for the bay area's newest gaming hall. after permit problems, casino matrix opened during a soft opening. the card room officially opens tomorrow. the date of 8-8 at 8:00. the number 8 is considered a lucky number in asian culture. the new casino is expected to
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create about 300 jobs in san jose. popular fruit may emerge as a popular fighter of skin cancer. the enzyme that turns the fruit red protects the skin cells from the uv rays of skin cancers. scientists say the compound has properties that are anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant and anti-tumor and appear to limit some dna damage. the preliminary ray search is on the cellular level. it is published in the food chemistry. it is not just chowing down on the strawberries. >> maybe at some point they can make something. >> that is the hope. y ready for some sports? >> giants trying to hang on to first place with more posey power. and the a's hit the long ball, but the best highlight was from cocoa crisp taking a long ball away. sports is coming up next. @ñ?xús? release me, momigus!
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that's mom to you. and you should eat something that's good for you before you go outside. never! come on james. it's a new fiber one chewy bar. chocolatey and delicious. fiber one chewy bar, huh? mmm. refueled space captain james. [ male announcer ] new fiber one chewy bars. great taste kids love plus calcium and fiber kids need. nobody in baseball has been hotter than buster posey. he has been hitting 448 and powered the giants to victory in st. louis.
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he is happy and lives in st. louis. his fifth home inert last six games 1k3* buster said, have a plan and keep it simple. barry zito 6 and two-thirds, but craig got him twice, in the third and in the fifth. numbers 16 and 17. i always say beware of a guy with two first names, alan craig makes it a 3-2 game. arias insurance for the giants and a double scores belt in the 6th. giants winners 4-2 and coupled with a dodger loss, the giants are back up by a game and a half. the a's proving they are legitimate contenders, but can they contend with big money, free spending teams like the angels. mike trout brought his friends with him. colon struck him out twice. the pride of petaluma. to the barbecue terrace it
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goes. the a's getting warmed up. the bases are loaded up and the grounder to third goes through and two runs score. they pour it on and norris deep to left and out of here. this was originally ruled a double. but the umps reviewed it and homerun. morales would have hit the ball out, but cocoa crisp climbs the wall and takes it away. a's win it 10-4 to move half a game up on anaheim head together series finale. funny moment in the yankee game. look out. really funny. who is the culprit? eric chavez. hey, hey, hey, sorry dude. >> it is early in training camp, but the 49er defense has been dominating the offense,im r and jim harbaugh is okay with that. the niners open the pre-season this friday against the
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vikings. they added guys on the offense, but guys like smith and willis have had the edge in camp. harbaugh is confident with this unit. >> our defense is playing extremely well. you know, especially this camp. the fact that there are 16 other teams that have to look down the gun barrel makes me the happiest guy in the world. >> perhaps you saw hussein bolt win another gold medal in the 100 meter in the olympics. but you never saw this rendition of bolt. it is a very fast lego. >> bolt didn't get the best start, but here comes bolt, and he lengthens his stride and he moves away, and it is hussein bolt for gold again, 9.64. >> not sure what it is, but there is something about that that is really funny. abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino.
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>> they have it all down, the crowd. >> total accuracy of the race. >> see you at midnight for our post olympic quickie newscast. >> [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability and wi-fi hot spots than ever. go to our website below to get u-verse high speed internet for just 14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. it's all the speed you need all at a great price.
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well, a few weeks ago we asked you to ask us anything within reason. and promise that we would eventually answer it onair. >> we got an overwhelming response. this morning we are going to field a few of your questions in a new "world news now" segment called "wnn inbox." >> we hope to do this every wednesday. tune in, keep the questions for sure. most popular question by far that we get asked all the time -- when do you sleep? a.j. asked this question on line -- ladies first. we have different sleep schedules. >> we sure do. i have a 35-minute drive home. i don't get home until 5:30, 6:00 a.m. eastern time. then i have the breakfast of champions. i usually have four slices of bacon. yes, there it is. and a caipirinha, and i fall asleep, i sleep five hours. all i need.
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i am up by noon at the latest. >> yeah, you don't need a lot of sleep. you love the bacon and cocktail. i told you, there is no shame having a cocktail at 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. >> that is our happy hour. >> do not judge us. y'all have your happy hour. we have ours. >> don't judge. >> i stay up late. i will get home, anywhere, between 6:00, 7:30. then i will stay up until lunchtime, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00. sleep until, 9:00, 10:00. and i get here, 11:30. 11:45. that's how i roll. >> i don't get that. >> most of the staff. i stay up. watch the noon news, errands, that kind of stuff. >> i like to enjoy my day, the sunshine. >> no, i am done. i am done. >> as you may know my co-anchor here tends to ogle a few female celebrities. >> i guess i have to plead guilty on that one. >> maria. >> i've got a crush on maria. >> no question on maria.
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>> kim kardashian, going in the office. >> she looked fantastic. look at her, black sweater, angelina. >> you like niki minaj. hey from that angle what is not to like? >> yeah, i said a few things up here, i guess. that led lauren to ask this. >> rob, you joke about how hot a celebrity is and mention you have a girlfriend. does she get mad at that? >> she does not get mad. one, we are secure in the relationship. we've been together for seven years. we are secure in the relationship, and she is not watching. >> i heard you do get in trouble sometimes because we have a secret spy camera in the office? >> all right, calm down. look, i won't mention kim or beyonce or halle again, i promise you. i promise you. don't get upset. anything else i can do. what ring?
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ain't beating kobe. i can't get that. how about this -- we'll go to red lobster friday, get a shrimp feast and get extra cheddar biscuits. hello? lord, lord, lord. >> ha-ha. >> those cheddar biscuits are good. >> that is not going to cut it. >> love you, jen, she is cool with all my celebrity crushes, i swear. we have a question about the inner workings of "world news now." >> my boyfriend and i laugh all about the pictures. do you know about them before they are shown? we do not. >> the producers are very good. a mix of things. sometimes, something funny of you, they'll tell me but not you. sometimes neither of us knows. most of the time they are catching us cold. the blind leading the blind in the overnight. they do catch us every now and then. the -- the graphics department does a great job. >> they're wonderful. >> putting them together.
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>> i have a book of all the pictures they gave to me. >> very cool. a tradition on the show. when the anchor leaves, every anchor has gotten them for years. in case you forget. a great job. part of the fun. one of the signatures of our show. always cool. because we got such a great response from all you guys out there, we are going to be doing this once a week as i said. >> we have tons of questions to pick from. if you'd like to ard yours, look for the wnn inbox logo and post your question under the logo. >> use hash tag at wnn inbox. we will know to look for it. >> wnn fans. either one can work for us. let us know. >> #wnninbox. get to know us. >> no shame. no shame here. >> we'll share. sharing is caring. ha-ha. still to, come we'll look at at yesterday's olympic highlights. >> and let you know why the women's volleyball finals will be an all-american affair. you are watching "world news now." >> announcer: abc's "world news
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now" will continue after this from our abc stations.
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welcome back, everybody. well, china, unfortunately, is still leading the medal count at the olympics. just by a few. >> yes, usa is in second. but now there is a tie for third. china has a total of 73 medals with 34 gold medals. team usa has 70 medals with 30 golds. great britain and russian federation each have a total of 48 medals. great britain has more gold with 22. >> there it is. and to the highlights now. it will be an all team usa women's volleyball final. both teams advanced to the finals. two time olympic champions, misty may-treanor and kerri walsh jennings face jennifer kessy and april ross.
1:49 am
>> amazing. >> all red, white, and blue final there. well, it was a tough final day of gymnastic competition for team usa. first the good, aly raisman flipped her way to the gold in the floor. earlier the bronze for balance beam. gabby douglas slipped off the beam. jordyn wieber may have suffered a stress fracture in her right leg. >> the 100-meter hurdles, americans were edged out by australian sally pearson. they took silver and bronze. and lolo jones, my ex-wife, she finished fourth despite being the favorite. >> some of the big events on tap, track and field, 400 hurdles, women's 200 meter. both of those are finals. other medals include women's beach volleyball where the two american team will face off for the gold. >> back to lolo, "the new york times" did a scathing profile of her saying she is more about hype than talent. you wonder, took fourth in the event, does that lend credence to the article. that's my girl. >> i thought she did pretty well. it was a scathing article. coming out during the olympics.


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